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About Us

The McGovern Wealth Group is a specialized team within Lifetime Financial Growth, LLC, a privately-held wealth management firm founded in 1969, headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. With offices throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Indiana, and West Virginia, our 250+ representatives and 70+ support staff serve clients across the United States. Our diverse talent base of professionals provides a multidisciplinary approach to finance, focusing on all areas of their financial lives, and drawing from one of the most comprehensive financial product platforms available today. We offer vast resources and experience to help you create a customized life map to pursue your wealth building objectives.

Sophistication Delivered with Simplicity

As your income and wealth builds, complexity can increase, and you may find yourself with a bundle of accounts in many different places and in various types of vehicles. Our process and technologies deliver a centralized place for all the relevant information you need to plan with confidence. Our refined methodology aims to protect your assets and streams of income, while offering world-class cash flow systems and asset management strategies. We position you for the challenges and opportunities that arise as economic conditions and life events unfold, integrating sensible, efficient components for a resilient portfolio.