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Our Services

We specialize in serving three groups of clients:

High-income/High-net-worth Clients

Are you a High Earner, Not Rich Yet (H.E.N.R.Y.)? Is your net worth already sizeable and outgrowing the strategies aimed at the masses? In either case, you deserve more than the status quo. Our services are customized and personalized to help you address the unique needs of a financially successful household. Together, we build a smarter plan that is more resilient to threats, nimble to help you capture opportunities, and instills more confidence in your overall financial management. By implementing tailored solutions, we help clients protect what matters most, create superior cash flow systems, optimize investment portfolios, and create efficiency through cost, debt and tax reduction.

Pre-Retirement/Retired Clients

If you are nearing retirement or already retired, planning for this phase of life has its own set of unique challenges. While the topics under the label of “risk” may have familiar sounding terms, the way money reacts to risks in retirement can be much different from when assets were being built earlier in your career. How will you maximize your retirement income and make sure it lasts? What will your legacy be and how will you protect it? How will you navigate investment risks, changes to your health, taxes and make sound choices around social security? Our strategies address these crucial questions and more, providing sustainable solutions to help you fully enjoy retirement and create a lasting legacy.

Business Owners

We provide a planning process that helps protect the cash flows and value of the company against losses of owners and key people, position it for future growth through incentivizing and retaining key talent, and ultimately plan for your desired exit path and succession plan.  We carefully coordinate your personal and business planning, so the strategies are complimentary to each other, and we work alongside your tax, legal and other advisors as a cohesive team to meet your objectives. Whether you’re looking to focus on a specific components of a plan such as a buy/sell agreement, business valuation, or improve the company retirement plan, or you’re looking for a more comprehensive approach, our services will help you address these critical steps in a time efficient manner.