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Retirement Planning Process

Retirement has vastly changed over the years, particularly since the most recent recession. Your grandparents and parents likely relied on pensions, private savings, and Social Security to build a stable income for retirement. Today, there is an increasing burden on individuals and families to ensure their assets last through their retirement. These changes demand a new way of planning.

Generally speaking, there are three phases of retirement planning: building assets ten or more years prior to retirement, transitioning into retirement, and maintaining those assets through the years of retirement. Working with clients in all of these phases, we have created an effective way to plan that incorporates:

  • Determining what elements impact your wealth-building potential.
  • —Mapping out a comprehensive plan designed to protect your assets and achieve your objectives.
  • —Evaluating the universe of retirement strategies available to you.
  • —Developing a plan to maximize retirement income while minimizing risks and building tax strategies.
  • Helping you understand the differences between investing and disinvesting.
  • Providing you access to our industry-leading software program, The Living Balance Sheet®, to track your progress and help you stay on course.