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Our Process

At McGovern Wealth Group, we have two goals in mind: We want to help you achieve financial freedom sooner and more reliably, and we want to help you gain financial security and protection from damaging, unexpected life events. In order to achieve these goals, we begin our relationship with a specialized, four-step process that is grounded in decades of real-world experience. Through our process, we help you to identify inefficiencies, pinpoint gaps and get you onto a more secure financial path. 

Step 1: Protect and Secure Assets and Cash Flow

Cash Flow is the lifeblood of personal and business finances. A sudden stoppage or major reduction in cash flow can quickly unravel even the strongest of plans. Therefore, we start by protecting the income you earn and the assets you’ve accumulated, allowing you to maintain forward progress even in the face of the most difficult of life events.

Step 2: Create Distinguished Cash Flow Systems

Once you’ve protected your income and assets you have today, it’s time to start optimizing your ability save and invest for the future. This is one of the most significant factors to building wealth. We develop a system that simplifies and organizes your cash flows in a way that automates your ability to save at a distinguished level, empowering you to maximize your wealth building potential. This system allows you to effortlessly balance between lifestyle today, with wealth building for the future, and serves as the hub that coordinates your entire plan.

Step 3: Optimize Funds for Life Events and Milestones, both the expected and unexpected.

Knowing how to invest and where to invest is key in managing resources to fund your dreams. Our goal is to help you build wealth that intelligently balances risk and reward, tax efficiency and liquidity. Life doesn’t always unfold the way we expect it. Your wealth should be able to address the events and milestones you plan for, as well as the ones you don’t. Life is full of twist and turns that cannot be predicted. You and your family, your career, the economy, and the political landscape are constantly changing. Your wealth should be built in a way that allows you to address life events as the really unfold, not just the way you hope they unfold.   

Step 4: Debt, Tax, and Cost Efficiency

The cost of debt, taxes, and other financial costs can erode millions of dollars of wealth over your lifetime. It’s a gravity like force that pulls against your wealth building potential. By carefully identifying these costs and strategizing on methods to reduce them, more money is available to accelerate the growth, protection, and enjoyment of your money now and into the future.