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Our Process

At Lifetime Financial Growth, we have developed a process that is both high touch and high tech. We believe this combination allows us to address our clients’ goals through a holistic approach, create customized strategies, and offer ongoing coaching to help them stay on track.

High Touch

Our process is high touch because of our commitment to personalized service within a holistic financial planning model. When first meeting with clients, we take the time to understand them and what they’re looking for in an advisor, including their current financial situation, their needs for today, and their goals for tomorrow. Over the course of several sessions, we look at wealth building and protection strategies, cash flow design, debt and tax management, and more in order to create a customized and comprehensive financial plan that can grow with the client over the years.

Beyond the initial development of a plan and ongoing monitoring, we offer a unique mentoring program, The Freedom Coach Program™, to clients who want to be more actively engaged with their financial plan. Working closely one-on-one or with other people in a group setting, we help clients identify the common gaps in their planning and work to close them in order to help have a better opportunity for growing and protecting wealth.

High Tech

We integrate user-friendly technology in our services and we offer clients access to industry-leading software that provides:

  • —Financial clarity and organization
  • —Four interdependent financial domains of Protection, Assets, Liabilities, and Cash Flow
  • —A personal secure website available to clients 24/7
  • —Account aggregation with over 7,000 financial institutions
  • —Automated alerts and alarms
  • —Secure online vault to store important personal documents, audio, and videos

“We can recall each and every A-ha! moment we have had with clients. It is the point where everything we have laid out suddenly makes sense to clients and the path to financial security becomes clear. We strive to deliver those experiences to all clients.” - Jim McGovern